If a lot of people have talent like this guy named Ogifson, undoubtedly there are no piles of garbage cans of soft drinks.
Seriously, he observed one of Billy's work clothes. In addition to Billy, a fashion design also featured Mel Ahyar, Hian Tjen, and Andreas Odang. Get to know Billy is already long enough, like his friend Billy Jupe considers himself. Almost every moment of importance, Jupe wearing Billy works. One of them, Jupe wear when his engagement to Gaston. "His Billy is very comfortable to wear, lightly," said Jupe found after the demonstration. In the eyes of Jupe, Billy is a designer who is able to make himself appear due to already know the advantages and disadvantages of "Kekuranganku in height. With the tinggiku who just 157 centimetres, Billy can make me more level. Bokongku and my chest is also great. Billy's clever disguise Jupe, "said kekuranganku. On that occasion, wearing a white blouse made of Jupe invisibility and black shorts. "This shooting shirt. I haven't had a chance to change that, "he said.
Sound jazzy Andien opening fashion show Barley Romance at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Thursday (23/10/2014) night, held in the Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014 and IPMI (Bonding fashion designers Indonesia) Trend Show 2015.
Brownis made of flour-made Cassava's Modified alias mocav civitas University of Jember, successfully listed as a record to 6.694 simultaneously broke the record The record, Indonesia (MURI), Thursday (23/10/2014).
Three cultures of Indonesia will have its worldwide by 2014. The cultural heritage of native Indonesia that got the world's recognition of the Gamelan Sekaten, and spring rolls. With international recognition then the original cultural heritage that Indonesia could not be claimed by the country's out.
Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel fashion collection do it, could not miss the Raf Simons for Dior. Didi Budiardjo's turn now.
The wife of the Governor of DKI Jakarta PLT Veronica Tjahaja full moon shows the rod up her nose at the opening of the market in Indonesia and Bazaar Fashion Festival at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday (22/10/2014).
Kompasiana, blogger community Compass Gramedia, back Kompasianival annual event offered a 2014. This diselengarakan event November 22, 2014 at the Sasono, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
Everyone expects a similar kenyamaan in hotels while in his room. Most assume it's hard to bring about the atmosphere, but believe me, the atmosphere can be created. The Huffington Post gave some tricks how to create private rooms with hotel.
The fashionistas of the world today are grieving. Because a designer's most influential fashion world, innumerable, who had again how many celebrities, models, and world fashionyang icon ever wore his clothes, died at the age of 82.
BALI Spa at The Tangi Tukad Unda III, Renon, Denpasar, comes with a menu of traditional natural holistic treatment. The fare for a taste sensation massage with herbal products are quite affordable from Rp 60,000 to Rp 180 thousand.
In the realm of fashion, the turn of the year is identical to the latest fashion trends in turnover. The prevailing trend of rotation in a variety of fashions, including the culture of muslim fashion.
Canting Restaurant Atria Hotel and Conference Malang menghelat festival Buffet, or Barbeque Buffet.
Had not yet reached there. The menu of chicken Feathers really complement the action of the Jeep-Jeep teams in the stands Sunday edition of Manado this time. The aroma of spices are wafted when this menu is served. Unique because it is still in the fur. Not just unique, it was really delicious and fresh with a variety of herbs because the typical cuisine of Minahasa.
It is revealed that clothing membaluti body is already expectant mother country for the inauguration today, Monday (20/10/2014).
Research conducted by the site www, gonedigging.co.uk found that successful relationship, depending on how much the gift exchange that occurred antarpasangan.
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